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SolidityScan Visual Studio Code Extension

SolidityScan is a Visual Studio Code extension that provides scanning capabilities for Solidity smart contracts. It allows you to scan a single .sol file or an entire workspace and gives a security profile for your contract with a security score, vulnerability distribution according to criticality levels & highlights the lines of code containing the vulnerabilities.


  • Scan Current File: Allows you to scan the open Solidity file for vulnerabilities.
  • Scan Entire Workspace: Allows you to scan the all the solidity files in the existing workspace for a comprehensive security profile.
  • Vulnerability distribution: Displays all types of vulnerabilities detected in the file distributed according to criticality levels.
  • Detailed results: Shows descriptions & remediations for the detected vulnerabilities along with highlighting the piece of code where they are present.
  • Gas optimizations: Gives you possible ways of optimising your Solidity files for gas.

Please see the following example to get an understanding on how to use the extension.

VSCode Demo


Visual Studio Code version 1.54.0 or later.


Install the extension from the Visual Studio Code Marketplace. Reload or restart Visual Studio Code.


To use SolidityScan, you will need to Login into SolidityScan.

  1. Locate SolidityScan in Activity Bar and click on Sign in to SolidityScan.
  2. You will be redirected to the SolidityScan login page.
  3. Upon successful authentication, please return to Visual Studio Code.
  4. You are now logged in and can start scanning your Solidity code.

Demo Login


  • Scan Current File: Ctrl+K Ctrl+S (macOS: Cmd+K Cmd+S)
  • Scan Entire Workspace: Ctrl+K Ctrl+Alt+S (macOS: Cmd+K Cmd+Option+S)
Explorer View

SolidityScan provides an explorer view in the activity bar with the 'Analysis' view. When an API token is provided, it displays a breakdown of vulnerabilities:

  • Critical
  • High
  • Medium
  • Low
  • Informational
  • Gas