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Scanning a Deployed Contract using SolidityScan

We also provide the functionality to scan a particular deployed contract whose code is published on the supported explorers. The currently supported chains and their respective explorers are as follows:

  1. Ethereum -
  2. BSC -
  3. Polygon -
  4. Fantom -
  5. Avalanche -
  6. Cronos -
  7. Arbiscan -
  8. Celo -
  9. Aurora -
  10. ReefScan -
  11. Optimism -
  12. Buildbear -
  13. XDC -
  14. Blockscout -
  15. Routescan -

Step 1: Enter the details of the contract

Enter the link to the contract from the ledger. Select the blockchain platform on which this transaction has taken place. Also, select the contract chain for this transaction.

Scan the Project

Please follow the constraints below to avoid scan failure:
  1. Navigate to the explorer of the particular blockchain (Ethereum -
  2. Use the search bar to find your smart contract and check if the source code is verified in the "Contract" tab of the selected explorer.

Step 2: View the results of the scan

Upon successful completion of the scan, click on it to get more details about the scan.

Refer to the Project Scan section to learn how to explore the detailed result of a scan.

NOTE: Scan History and Custom Settings are only present for Github Repository Scans.

Click on the View button to go to the Contract on the respective explorer. Click on the dropdown to see more details about the Contract.

Scan Results

Watch the Tutorial on How to Scan a verified contract on Etherscan using SolidityScan.